PM Modi flagged off the 5th Vande Bharat train to the country, what is the specialty, know the route and how much is the fare

In the wake of the new Vande Bharat Express train, travelers in South India have good news. PM Modi flagged off the fifth and first Vande Bharat train in the country on Friday. In Bengaluru, PM Modi presented the Chennai-Mysore Vande Bharat train at KSR railway station.

Almost 500 km of Vande Bharat will travel between Chennai and Bengaluru and Mysore. This train runs on all days except Wednesday. The fifth Vande Bharat will run from Chennai Central Station to Mysore Junction at 12.20pm. It’ll stop at Katpadi Junction, KSR Bangalore along the way. At the same time, Vande Bharat leaves from Mysore Junction at 1:5 p.m. It will arrive at Chennai Central Station at 7.30 p.m.

In about 6 and a half hours, Vande Bharat will complete the trip from Chennai to Mysore Junction station. The journey from Bangalore to Chennai will take just four and a half hours. The train can go 160 kmph, according to the railway. You’ll have to pay Rs 1200 for Chennai-Mysore travel in Vande Bharat AC chairs. For executive chairs, you’ll pay Rs 2295.

It’s worth letting you know that four Vande Bharat trains were flagged off earlier. A Vande Bharat train started on the route between New Delhi and Varanasi, a second Vande Bharat train started on the New Delhi-Katra route, and a third one started on the Gandhinagar-Mumbai route. Modi flagged off another Vande Bharat train last month on the Una-New Delhi route.

f&q pm modi flagged off the 5th Vande Bharat train

How many Vande Bharat train is Indian Railway is currently operating?

Since October 2022, the Indian Railways are operating the Vande Bharat Express on 4 routes, previously known as Train 18. Under the Make in India initiative, Integral Coach Factory (ICF) designed and manufactured it in Perambur, Chennai.

How many Vande Bharat train will be started?

The finance minister announced in the union budget 2022 that 400 new-gen Vande Bharat trains will be built with better fuel efficiency.

Is Vande Bharat full AC?

Several modern features are included in the fully air-conditioned Vande Bharat, including sliding doors, reading lights, phone charging points, attendant call buttons, bio-toilets, automatic entry and exit doors, CCTV cameras, reclining seats, etc.

Where does Vande Bharat go?

Passengers travel from Delhi to Varanasi comfortably via Vande Bharat Train Number 22436. Besides Mondays and Thursdays, Vande Bharat runs from Delhi to Varanasi on all other days of the week. In the same day, the Vande Bharat Express leaves for Delhi at 3:00 PM and gets there at 11:00 PM.

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