Engineering done from andhra iniversity and mba from Delhi Meta made sandhya devanathan the head of India. Who is he?

Let’s find out a little more about Sandhya Devanathan The fact that Sandhya Devanathan joined Facebook and Google is a big deal. This is why she’s being praised on every social media platform since she joined.

Sandhya Devanathan has been appointed head of Meta India by Facebook’s parent company Meta.

Who is Sandhya Devanathan

Meta Company has appointed Sandhya Devanathan as India Head. He studied engineering at Andhra University and MBA at Delhi University. He also attended the Oxford Business School.

This isn’t Sandhya’s first time working with Facebook. She’s been with Meta since 2016. He worked on growing their business in Singapore and Vietnam.

How soon is Sandhya Devanathan going to take over Meta?

sandhya devanathan meta

Besides Meta, Sandhya has worked in many other big companies in big positions. She currently works with Meta as the Global Leader of the Gaming Industry Play Forward program.

The person who handled Meta before Sandhya Devanathan

It used to be handled by Ajit Mohan. Sandhya Devanathan will take over next year. Sandhya has gaming experience.

A big post like meta can be led by a woman

The women used to have a lot of problems getting to the big positions a few years ago, but the change is starting to take hold. Having Sandhya Devanathan in a senior META position proves that women have the same skills and knowledge as men.

In the meta, what’s Sandhya’s role?

Sandhya Devanathan has been appointed as executive director of the Meta social network, to oversee the organization’s India charter and to deepen the strategic relationships it has with the country’s leading brands, creators, advertisers and partners. She will be responsible for driving Meta’s revenue growth across key channels in India.

Here are some 6 crazy things about Sandhya Devanathan

  1. META has hired Devanathan as its India head.
  2. She’s 46 as of 2022.
  3. His appointment comes after several high-profile exits from Meta offices.
  4. Earlier this week, he chased another “opportunity”.
  5. As well as Paper Financial Services, he’s served on the Singapore National Library’s board.
  6. He used to be the Singapore Managing Director of Retail Banking and Payment Products for Standard Chartered.

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Is Meta owned by Facebook?

Message app Beluga was purchased by Meta (the parent company of Facebook) in 2011.

Does Meta have an office in India?

Its goal was to reflect India’s cultural and ideological diversity through its Gurugram office. They also built a ‘Centre for Fueling India’s New Economy’.

Who is Sandhya Devanathan?

Her international career in banking, payments, and technology has taken her all over the world. She joined Meta in 2016, and helps build our Singapore and Vietnam businesses and teams, as well as Southeast Asia’s e-commerce initiatives.

Who is CEO of Facebook in India?

One of her big contributions to the company’s expansion in India has been being the first employee of the social media giant.

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